Tuesday, August 12, 2014

make your emails look better in gmail - part 1

by kirk r gray

recently i wrote a series of posts that were aimed at helping marketers think about their email strategy. after that came a post detailing how 5 million businesses have migrated to google apps for their email and how that migration and presence is changing the way we construct emails. this is the beginning of a new series, intended to help marketers develop better looking emails for gmail, strategies for getting into the gmail inbox, gmail quirks, and how to better address the industry changes that are being influenced by gmail. for the first topic, we'll start simple - gmail image gaps.

Monday, August 11, 2014

your email sucks: pictures of cats make it all better

by kirk r gray

we've talked before about testing, the oops email, and what to do. but this one takes the cake - in a good way. it's the best mistakenly sent email i have seen - ever! and actually has me thinking about contingency plans for when you send a test email to a production list by accident.