Sunday, December 15, 2013

reflections on 2013 and resolving 2014

so it's that time of year, that time when we reflect on the past 300+ days! join with family and friends to celebrate the season, and (best or worst of all) set goals for next year.

this past year I think has been a good one for me personally. i have become more patent in my professional life - taken on new challenges, worked to affect change and stayed happy with my job. i have been interviewing people over the past couple of months and one response i am proud to give is that yes even though my commute is longer than I had ever planned or wanted, i have never woken up on a work day and said "i can't do this anymore I hate my job, it's time to change" and i've never said at the end of the day, "this place is so crazy that it's time to look for something else...". i'm lucky that i love my job, i love the people i work with and for as many challenges (personalities, procedural, technological) that exist in my organization, i'm proud of the accomplishments i have under my belt. i don't struggle with recognition for good work, now i find myself struggling with ideas versus the number of hours in a day - this is a great place to be! so professionally, i'm in a place i want to be or at least on the right track to get there.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

gmail says good bye to the 'show images' link/button

google and gmail, the friend to every consumer, the enemy of every email marketing professional. this year gmail announced something that brought the chicken little in each of us tabs. this enhancement to gmail boxes caused everyone to cry that the sky was was highly publicized.

recently though, they've announced another enhancement to gmail boxes, clearly aimed at delivering a better mobile experience, but at what cost to our industry? if you haven't seen the news, google is going to remove the show images button for all gmail users - gmail users rejoice, email marketing professionals rejoice...except...