Friday, March 8, 2013

the power of social media - part deux - the blogger meets megan mullally

today i'm sitting in the man-cave/office and david yells to me, "megan mullally is at the proper topper today promoting...." well that's all i heard.

i immediately looked for my shoes, my coat, and my young frankenstein cast recording and made a beeline for the proper topper here in dc. (i didn't have a sharpie, we had to borrow one from the store!)

while waiting in line, i found out that she was performing tonight, i texted david and said please, the response was "no"... that said, since i was about the last person in line, i thought to myself, i'll ask ms. mullally to call david and convince him. i asked her, she said sure, i dialed and passed the phone to her - she walked away from me. now honestly if this was anyone other than her, i would have thought i just got "apple picked" but she talked to david for a few minutes and then came back. she said the door is open, and i said i'm walking through and buying tickets.

she continued to talk to me for a few more minutes -we talked about a show i had seen her in at the kennedy center library a few years back, unlike everyone else who "loves karen walker, and will and grace is the best show ever". i asked her if the invitation for drinks after the show with her was sincere and if she really wanted us back there (she had only gotten in last night at midnight and still hadn't eaten anything this morning - yet she was here doing a meet and greet, gotta give it to her). she said of course it is, write your names down and i'll give them to the doorman.

that said, we're heading to see megan mullally (nancy & beth show), and then we'll be heading backstage to have a drink with her! can't wait! should be an amazing evening! and a fortunate opportunity to be looking at twitter at the right there - that's the power of social media. without it i wouldn't have met megan mullally or been invited to drinks after the show. the funny thing is, that anytime i meet a "star" like this, i always end up getting invited to do something after the show - i'll tell you my eartha kitt story one day, if you stick around long enough.

more to come (you know with these personal posts like this, i feel like doogie howser)


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