Monday, March 4, 2013

your email sucks - find and replace faux paux

it could be that i am just looking for these or maybe my fellow marketers are just providing me with fodder to update my blog, but here is one that we don't see too often, and we surely don't see it from someone as well respected as hubspot. glad to know that even the expert make mistakes.

find and replace:
on a good day it's a friend
the next minute, well...

this example just illustrates how much we have come to rely on technology. i am sure that person who built this used the global find and replace, and whatever they had originally typed went to "sire" instead of "sure" (or they just typed it wrong to begin with, and didn't have anyone else look at this one).

ironically enough, the topic is is how amplify your social reach. when i checked in on this article on the hubspot blog, it already had 250 tweets, so perhaps, they could go back and add a 20th, to include a tongue-in-cheek reference to the use of typo's to drive virility, i mean virality.

anyway, as marketers we are the content expert and we have looked at stuff so often - the draft, the design, the coding, the testing - that getting another set of eyes on your creative is a good idea, and if another set is available, put it aside and come back to it later. there is no need to sacrifice ad-impressions or leads for a typo.

one thing can be said though, at least they were consistent. in all honesty, i expected an article about 19 flaming cows before i started to read the the "sure-fire" ways to amplify my social reach. but look back through your own email sends, look at the subject lines that were wrong, or had a typo in them, and i'll bet you dimes to dollars that your open rates are a bit higher than normal. (i'm not advocating it, but it does happen.)

hobspot, i jest, but maybe next time, can i get a side of fries with that typo - now i really want a burger!


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