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Kirk R Gray

Email Marketing/Marketing Automation
Senior Leadership in e-Commerce, Digital Transformation, and Technology Implementation for State-of-the-Art Email Marketing Campaigns

Hands-on and results-driven business development senior manager with more than 20 years' experience in creating and implementing ground-breaking email marketing strategies and technologies. Highly coveted blend of business acumen and technology expertise to create cutting-edge marketing campaigns. Well-regarded as a 'rainmaker' in securing high revenue earnings in untapped and overlooked opportunities. Calculated risk taker to get processes moving quickly in transforming ideas into action; highly skilled in connecting complex and disparate information into a distinct concept and aggressive plan of action. Change agent with clear insights into the voice of the customer. Lauded for shedding the status quo and embracing fresh, alternative thinking to address complex business problems.

• Highly regarded for clearly and effectively communicating to audiences from a variety of educational, economic, and cultural backgrounds oftentimes making complex ideas readily understood by all.
• Robust reputation for delivering sophisticated projects on-time and within budget despite demanding expectations, shifting priorities, and stringent deadlines.
• Often quoted in respected industry periodicals on topics of email marketing campaigns; frequent contributor to industry-specific blogs.
• Group leader for South Florida's Salesforce Marketing Cloud User's Group.

Core Competencies
Digital Strategic Planning | Trend Scouting | Coding | Social Media Data Mining | Landing Page Optimization | Campaign Management | Template Design | Portfolio Management | Client Relations | Brand Enhancement | Google Analytics | Online Marketing | Content Management | Lead Generation | CRM

Professional Experience

ULTIMATE MEDICAL ACADEMY, Off-site location | September 2015 - Present
A non-profit healthcare school.

Senior Marketing Manager
Direct the email marketing campaigns ranging from 800,000 to 1.3 million emails each month with open rates up to 80%.
• Led more than 200 email marketing campaigns.
• Led a non-liner 'on demand/choose your own adventure' email drip campaign of 28 emails powered by SalesForce Marketing Cloud's (SFMC) Journey Builder; potential students choose educational path and learn about student experience, alumni services, and job prospects.
    • Resulted in progressive polling of potential students allowing for better data capture about interests, affording admissions teams to have better conversations reducing 'exploratory' phone calls.
    • Enhanced potential student status to enrollee from five days to 48 hours.
• Migrated from SFMC Enterprise 1.0 to 2.0 without SalesForce recommended outside consultant; moved 2,000+ assets during six weeks resulting in the rebuilding of the school's email marketing program.
    • Chosen as one of 35 in a SFMC roundtable discussion as part of the conversion.
    • Saved Academy $50K in outside consultant fees.
• Implemented 150+ automations that move data from data tables to SFMC to kickoff trigger campaign sends.
• Developed internal campaign that visually reported instructor/student engagement for an instructor's 'watch list' and 'at risk' students that increased student retention by 15%.
• Developed internal email templated for departments to send via Outlook.
• Re-targeted segments via Facebook asking for recommendations and congratulating new enrollees.

SAE INSTITUTE, Miami, Florida | October 2014 – September 2015
World's leading educator in creative media industries.

Marketing Manager, Email
Directed the email marketing campaigns to potential students with send averaging 50,000. Devise strategy using passed values from clicks using Google Analytics’ utm parameters for identification of campaigns and campuses.
• Developed online application and payment of application fees.
• Streamlined the creation of per-campus landing pages to single asset workflows dynamically displaying content.
• Led nurture campaigns for six campuses.
• Mentored international consultant teaching her about American online education, regulations, and best practices.

AMERICAN PUBLIC UNIVERSITY, Manassas, Virginia | June 2012 – September 2014
A for-profit, online learning institution that is composed of American Military University and American Public University.

Interactive Marketing Manager, Email
Directed the email marketing campaigns to attract new students utilizing Marketo for prospecting students and SFMC for student communication with an average send list of 200,000.
• Incorporated RSS feeds to populate newsletters, automating and streamlining content creation process from twelve hours per week to one hour per week.
• Worked across the University to automate campaigns.

WEBS, INC., Silver Spring, Maryland | September 2011 – July 2012
Web building solutions for everyone.

Email Marketing Manager
Directed marketing campaigns for a consumer needs web building organizations with an average send list of 250,000 on the cohort and segmentation. Created promotional emails for add-on services and new product announcements and enhancements.
• Conducted webinars on email marketing and website creation best practices.
• Contributed articles on company’s blog.
• Performed A/B testing for calls to action, subject lines, sending time, imagery, and templates.
• Partnered with Vistaprint team post-sale to identify opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling.
• Managed a bi-weekly email campaign for sales in helping move small business from free websites to hosted website packages.

MILITARY.COM, McLean, Virginia | February 2009 – September 2011
News for all things active duty military and service veterans.

e-Marketing Specialist
Managed email campaigns to promote visitation to the website with subscription lists upwards of 10 million with email sent daily to balance send volumes and reduce deliverability issues.
• Delivered 1.1 billion send per year for newsletters.
• Generated 28 newsletters per week.
• Partnered with writers and editors to improve newsletter writing performance.
• Performed quarterly A/B testing of templates.
• Delivered additional 1.1billion send each year to develop Veterans Administration loan and educational leads for the GI Bill that were sold to mortgage lenders and educational institutions.

Additional work history available upon request.

Education & Professional Development

Bachelor of Science, dual degree, Business Management and Marketing | University of Phoenix

Certificate Digital Design | The Art Institutes


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