Sunday, May 19, 2013

congrats to mauge or always a bridesmaid

yesterday (may 18, 2013) i had the honor of being a bridesmen for a person that I consider to be one of my best friends in the world, monique maugue - well scott now - and the experience was amazing, and one that will stay with me for years to come.

mo, niki, mauge, orangejello, or monigue as she is known has grown into an amazing person over the years. she and i met when we worked to keep some crazy menapausal women in check at the collegeboard. and the adventures that we had are at times are horrific and at others pants-wettingly funny! she taught me the importance of a filter (notice i said the importance, not how to use one) and i hope i taught her the importance of not having one. our relationship is so close that she was my back-up plan - not to ward off loneliness in my past-sellby date years, but to ensure that as a gay man my social security would go on to a dependent.

i didn't have to make a toast, but if i did, this is what i would have said:

"Mo you've been my partner in crime for so long, from hospital visits to discussion on monthly maintenance shaving to left nuts and camels, we've been through so much that i consider you my bestie and the little sister i never had, you're the lisa to my bart. i've never seen you look as stunning or as happy as i did yesterday. thank you for being my friend and letting our relationship grow and never feel forced. as you and myke build a life together, I look forward to hearing about all the adventures and want to remind you of a few things: smile along the way knowing that you're loved and a part of so many of my memories, laugh because even when it's not appropriate it's okay - it's the timestamp on the memory, argue when you're right, argue when you're wrong-it teaches us to say that we're sorry, scream along the way it lets others know you're scared or having the time of your life...and most importantly always always pack scissors when you travel you'll never know what kind of hotel carpet repair you'll have to make!

and to myke, know that you share your wife with so many and that she is not just the foundation of your new life, but she is the rock and cornerstone in so many other's lives. you didn't just marry mo, you married a community of people who love her and see her as daughter, friend, "little sister", confidante, niece, cousin, "first wife and office spouse". you by extension are not just myke scott, but myke scott-mauge-tindel-gray-the list goes on and though we may have our differences, we all love you just as much as we love her because you'be given her something none of us see mauge was always a complete person, she needed someone to compliment her life, dreams, and do just that. you've got big shoes to fill, but I think you can do it! Take your time, remind her to laugh, remind her to smile, remind her to argue, remind her to grow and you'll be fine."

so how do you close a post like this? i don't think you can, I think the best way to end this is to see how those two pick up the mantle and build a life worthy of the memories that i carry with me, and to wish them the best in the years to come, and to let them know, I can't wait to hear the adventures and be a part of their new life. love you guys...


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