Monday, February 25, 2013

google glass...what's the big deal?

so i don't know about you, but i want google glass....but why?

simply put, i'm a bit of a technophile. i like them, i like technology... i during the course of my life i have bought and sold so much tech - not to mention thrown it out - that i've lost dollar count.

but what is google glass really gonna do? and is it worth adopting first generation technology? question one, who knows what they are gonna do, or ultimately what they will do - they aren't the pop up display that we see in minority report and other movies, but it's close, and might provide the foundation for those technologies to come into existence in the coming years.

answer two, probably not worth it, especially at a price tag of $1,500. but how cool would it be to be able to brag that you've got a pair? that's at least worth $1,000. but what are we going to do with them, besides look like we're crazy, and only a quarter of a star trek visor on - well remember siri? how for weeks after the virtual assistant was introduced everyone was asking siri what time it was, what's the weather like or any number of questions that didn't (and still don't) work? and then they turned off siri even though apple tried to make improvements... yeah, that's gonna be google glass, but instead of someone shoving an iphone in your face to show you siri's results, google glass is gonna be on your face...and in your email, and in your twitter and facebook feeds and all over the place...frankly i can't wait! i can't wait to show you a video of me on vacation in disney world this fall, or my commute, or my time at the gym, or playing with the dogs... oh yeah, you're gonna hate me...

but here is the downfall that i see for google glass...if we all thought pictures of food and meals on facebook was annoying, wait for the videos! wearers cutting into a steak, putting the silverware down, then putting the steak on the fork...the raising of the fork to the wearer's mouth - and then the frame going up and down while they chew like some half-crazed muppet....

pass the sea sick pills.... are we really prepared for the blair witch food project?


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