Saturday, February 9, 2013

friends don't let friends drive on center dividers

originally posted on the posterous hosted site. july 19, 2010 at 11:06:00am

well, actually apparently we do.

i'm here in san francisco for work, got in on saturday, and spent time with a former co-worker - she's gotten a new job and moved on - and we had a great time.

saturday night, we went out dancing and had a great time! really did, her friends were fun, and the dancing -- once i knew the songs, easily caused me to sweat the cider away. but i will say this, for an 80's bar, well lets just said i have fillings older than some of the patrons...

the cab ride home was fun - cab driver was playing mash-ups, one of which was miley cyrus...yes readers at 1am, we were rockin the cab to "party in the usa"...we arrived home and all was well...things didn't stop on sunday morning either

sunday morning the sun rose on san francisco, and we decide to go to "kate's kitchen" in lower haight. it was a good choice - southern organic food...if you wrap your mind around that one.

but on the way there, things became uncontrollably funny (i'll preface this with no one was hurt, and no property was damaged). you see the person who was driving is one of the most responsible people i know - smart, level-headed, sensible - so what happened next can only be described thusly...have you ever been to disneyland/world and ridden autotopia/tomorrowland speedway? you know -- the go-carts with the steel rail in the middle of the road so you can't just go anywhere? well my responsible friend was driving on what obviously is a new street for her, and became fascinated with something, and didn't hear me say "red light, red light, red light". the next thing i know, from the left hand lane we make a right hand turn, but only before i hear the oh so familar grind of the center divider, followed by the never-before-accomplished stunt at disney, that's right we jumped the center divider.

you would have thought she was driving a rental because as casually as one would say "it's a rental," she said "good thing it's a four wheel drive." my reply, in-between the laughs was, "you didn't see the red light?" neither of us were concerned about the stunt show that just took place, and thankfully no damage was done. she even confirmed this wehn we got to kate's kitchen by checking the tire and then stereotyping me saying "kick the tire you're a guy, you'll know what it should feel like", i was like "um, it's round and black and on this car they are expensive...that's about all I know about tires."

her stunt show became the running joke for the better part of the day, as we road around the streets of san francisco...again all is well and no one was hurt, but i will say this, my bet is that my responsible friend trades in the car soon because the tire is scrapped


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